Welcome to Greenheart Healing!

Facing an issue?

We can work many of the issues, be it

  • Emotional
  • Relationship
  • Physical Health
  • Mental issues

Some of the issues that can be dealt with are self-confidence, stress management, anger, fears/phobias, relationship issues , grief, money/finance issues, chronic diseases, asthma, weight loss or gain, pains and aches, foreign energies etc.

Here is a a complete list of issues.

We have solutions!

Our core beliefs

Each one of us deserves to live a wholesome life, because each one of us is divine. God resides in each one of us, we are already perfect and complete. Still many of us struggle with different issues be it physical, mental, social, spiritual or psychological. Greenheart healers help those who are struggling by putting their own thought together, their wisdom that shines like a light from a within. We help them see that light from within rather than seeking completion outside.