Appreciation (attempt at a poem)

Appreciate blowing a soap bubble
Children playing in a puddle
A mother and child cuddle
A baby’s first walk and fiddle

It gives birth to a new meaning,
created by your own thinking

When you appreciate something,
It could be beauty of the spring,
A rainbow in rain sparkling,
Roaring sound of a waterfall hurdling

It gives a new depth to your seeing
And a new dimension to your being

For the barely noticed afternoon breeze
For the everyday bread and cheese
For someone striving for us to please
We are too busy playing usual reprise

Appreciation may not flow with ease
But it can be a shadow beneath the trees
Appreciation is not just a giving
It is an art of differently seeing
Admiring the beauty of every being
A gentle touch in world so unforgiving

For the appreciated, an understanding
Of their own true value finding

Not just for the people who receive it
For all folks who care to notice it
It enhances the strength and grit
For a happier world and sheer joy of it

Appreciate things, each day at least one
Rest assured, it will motivate someone

© With ♥ by Balkrishna


Dedicated to the reader who appreciated one of my first blogposts and asked me to write about “appreciation