Something is shifting. I am getting to do deep work. Amazing to see people’s lives through their eyes and help them see their own light. I know for sure its not me. It can not be. Its well beyond my intellect and capabilities. I don’t bear the torch, I am merely a looking glass. It is sheer grace.

Gratitude fills my heart for these enriching experiences. Even the ones which I thought were the worst, blessed me with deep compassion.They were mere signposts. Thankful to my Masters, I have glimpses of the design, which perhaps they already knew. They showed me the path, but I(and my ego) had to discover it my own. The design will keep unfolding, I am sure. For sure the pieces come together one day and you realize the puzzle didn’t really matter. What you discovered in this process called life is really yourself.

Feeling blessed 🙂

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