Healing Videos

Handpicked healing videos

Here are some of the best healing videos, that we really liked. We want you to watch them. Comment below & do let us know how you like them

1. Life Changing Seminar by entrepreneur Sandeep Maheshwari

Very simple, straight forward motivational seminar by a college drop-out turned entrepreneur!

2. Learning to see aura in just 5 minutes

Why is aura important/ not important (from Sadhguru)

3. Can you live without food?

4. Chakras and Body posture from a physical trainer

5.Pay it forwards

6.Most detailed video on The shift (2012)
Longish animated video collection of 15 videos. Search for spirit science on youtube for other videos

7. Letting go of our need for thinking

8. Tumor disappears -Energy healing happening under live sonography

9. Finding life’s purpose – Eckhart Tolle

10. Hypnosis for Surgery