Louise Hay in London
Louise Hay


You can heal your lifeLouise L. Hay (Hay House) (Buy on Flipkart)

You Can Heal Your Life
Its Bible for many of the energy healers and hypnotherapists

This wonderful book is not just for reading, it is to be worked with. Literally many of the healing channels I know worship this book and turn to it when they need help. It is written by Louise H Hay and she wonderfully gets you to awareness of your own self-defeating patterns in first few chapters. Some of them would be denial, avoidance, resistance etc.

The central theme of the book is about loving our own selves, totally and completely. She explains how we create our own illnesses and other life issues by not loving and accepting our selves, just as we are.

In the later part of the book, there is a section ‘The list’ which is from the author’s earlier book called ‘ Heal your body‘. This section gives an exhaustive list of diseases and their metaphysical or emotional/thought level causes, with affirmation to heal these diseases.

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