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Childbirth is meant to be a beautiful experience of joy and celebration for expecting mothers and their families.  However, in our minds, the process of normal delivery is associated with extreme pain, discomfort and even fear of death. We all have heard dreadful stories about how much pain a woman has to go through, for a normal delivery. Due to these fears, it is observed that many people opt for delivery through planned caesarean, these days. Caesarean doesn’t cause as much pain and is seen as more convenient option.

In a recent article, Mint newspaper portrayed alarming facts on caesarean cases undertaken in India[1].

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of caesarean cases in a country should not exceed 10 to 15%. Experts suggest that higher percentage of caesarean cases above these thresholds may be due to family members opting for painless controlled birth or advanced healthcare environment that persuades one to opt for caesarean delivery.

A study conducted in Scotland reveals that babies born through planned caesarean attract more health related problems than the ones born through emergency caesarean. Further, studies have also revealed that babies born by caesarean delivery are more prone to obesity, type-1 diabetes and allergies. Also, we understand from mothers that after caesarean delivery they tend to gain weight and are sometimes unable to carry out day to day activities for some months.

Psychologically, mothers who undergo caesarean delivery also miss out on enjoying the beautiful experience of delivering their baby. During a normal delivery a woman’s body produces hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for bonding with the child.

Even today all viviparous animals deliver babies naturally. However, we being far superior amongst the remaining viviparous animals are more inclined to choose planned delivery through caesarean. The same mint article that we mentioned above, shows that the % of caesarean deliveries goes on increasing from 1.5% in lowest wealth class to 25% in highest wealth class. One has to understand that our inclination towards caesarean delivery predominantly arises due to our fear of not having a painless normal delivery that continuously haunts our brain.

Hypnosis provides one solution to this problem and helps expecting mothers to overcome their fear of pain during normal delivery, reducing the pain to a great extent while retaining the joyous feeling. It also helps to go back in time and understand where these fears are coming from, and free our mind of these limiting beliefs under hypnosis. Dr. Balkrishna Korgaonkar, who practices hypnotherapy has helped expectant mothers to have a smooth painless experience of normal delivery, during hypnosis sessions. These sessions may last for 2 to 3 as per requirement, subsequently one may have to listen to an audio recording on regular basis. Best time to undergo these sessions is in 7th month of pregnancy so that you have enough time for listening to the audio. The more time you get, the better.

Let us see what few such clients say about their experience:

“When I was pregnant, I was very worried about the pain that I would have to endure as I had taken the decision of going for normal delivery. Reason being that it was my first time, and I had never experienced labour pain before. I was very tensed about the complete situation.

Then through one reference I met Dr. Balkrishna, he gave me some insights about how that experience could be easily managed through hypnotherapy. It made sense and thus I decided to undergo hypnotherapy sessions with him.

After these sessions I can definitely say that my fear of the entire process was reduced a lot! I was in labour pain for around 15 hours. But I tried implementing the tips & tricks given by Dr. Balkrishna. And I do think that it made my delivery and labour pain very much bearable. One of the things that helped me was that I was able to remain pretty clam at the time of delivery despite the pain, it certainly helped in a safe and normal delivery.

I was very happy after seeing my sweet little angel. Many thanks to Dr. Balkrishna Korgaonkar for helping me to enjoy this “experience of a lifetime” and sharing tips that made it much easier than what I was fearing. I would surely recommend these sessions to expecting women – especially who are planning a natural delivery. I wish him all the best.”

Dipti Korde

“After a waiting of three years, it was definitely a precious pregnancy for me. At the initial stage I was happy but as the second trimester completed, I became nervous n anxious about the exact birth process.

One of the friends of mine suggested me hypnotherapy for the better birth experience. So I met Balkrishna for that and attended two sessions in which I experienced positive energy and realised healing power within me. He gave me the positive visualisation of the process of child birth as a natural, joyous and energying one, which is the part of divine creativity. Those sessions made my mind and body relaxed.

I got the session as a recording which he asked me to listen every night. It helped me a lot to face the whole process with great enthusiasm. That recording empowered me and awakened my inner strength. It was so strong that I was eagerly waiting my due date.

As my due date passed, Dr announced me as post dated and advised for Ceasarian section. But I had prepared for natural birth and I was very firm. On that moment I took second opinion and admitted to an other hospital where I had to be induced due to not having any sign of contractions. As the contractions started, with every contraction I could face the process with positive energy. I was so calm and relax. The whole process I know wouldn’t be pain free but my inner strength made it possible to manage the pain and made it easily bearable for me.

I had really the best birth experience. Not only that, but I got a positive view towards life also from those sessions. I am really thankful to Balkrishna for helping me to have a positive birth experience.”

Prof. Asha Pandagale

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[1]  http://www.livemint.com/Politics/z3S7GLR5mayCDE9QokRzsI/The-alarming-increase-in-caesarean-births-in-India.html