The only thing we have to fear is fear it’self


Fear is a deep-rooted emotion in collective human mind. All our lives we are driven by fear.

Man is a social animal, why? There is security in the herd. Man lives in a cave, why? Man does farming, why? Man created societies, houses, buildings, gated communities, why? We do things that we don’t like doing. why?

All this is based on need for security, protection (against death, when it started). Its Fear! of death, of losing face, of losing identity, of being ordinary and what not. There is nothing such as social pressure. Its just a projection of your fear of losing face/identity/position/respect. And that loss is no less than death to our current un-cosciousness

Obviously we can take charge of this emotion. Either start owning it, accepting it or look back as to why we are having it. As we own it, it will lose control.