Blind spots, cord cutting and obesity

Some days back I was reading an article on our “blind spots”. These are the areas of our body that are often neglected. We do not like these areas. We do not pay attention, let alone the due love and care. These spots will often have dry skin, itching, abnormal hair growth, tight muscles, skin diseases etc. In a way “the blind spots” are shouting for attention. Despite of their shouting, we neglect them. Why?

Because we have our emotional traumas stored there. And we do not like touching the sites that have been hurt, do we? It is a defence mechanism that our mind creates to avoid emotional pain.

To give you an example,  for many of us our back is one such area. We are physically constrained in providing a loving touch to our own back, cleaning it properly. At a metaphysical level, our back represents receiving. And since we like to receive from outside we need to ask others for help when it comes to caring for our back. Who doesn’t love a back massage, releasing tension that we store there. relaxing those taut muscles of our back? Many of us do not like  our external sexual organs, anus etc. Apart from social conditioning of this life, we may have store past life traumas there.

How do we find blind spots? Just look for dry skin, itching, abnormal hair growth, tight muscles, skin diseases etc. Also touch each part of your body and see which parts react with fear, withdrawal, pain, muscle contraction in not just on that spot also any other place in your body. If you find any of these you have found your blind spots.

How do we deal with the blind spots:- The article suggested that we go around the blind spot. Start at the nearest possible area where you feel comfortable. Give a gentle massage in circular motion. Make circles bigger and bigger so as to slowly move towards your blind spot. Do this as process slowly as needed, and make sure your comfort with the area you are massaging is maintained. If there is any discomfort, go back to a smaller circle. And there will be a time you will be able to touch your blind spot without any discomfort. In effect you are using love to heal that trauma.


So then I started finding my blind spots and healing them one by one. One startling area I found was my umbilicus. This is where I was storing a deep trauma. Trauma of first separation, separation from mother – umbilical cord cutting. So yes, as I started dealing with that blind spot, I regressed to the cord cutting event. I felt all the pain and suffering that experience had. I released it.

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...
Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbilical cord has not yet been cut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our umbilical cord is our feeder, our connection with our mother. When we are born, placenta and umbilical cord is born with us. Some cultures believe that the placenta is a twin soul for us, and they even bury the placenta like a child is buried after death. Umbilical cord withers by itself naturally. By that time it transfers all the energy to us.

But today, we do not allow the cord to die its natural death, we cut the cord immediately after birth, and that marks our first trauma after coming to this world (See links below for article on not cutting the cord). Don’t you think it would be painful for a child to have a sharp cut? I wonder where the nerve ending in the cord report to? the child’s brain or nowhere?

Then came a realization. Most of us accumulate fat around sites where we have emotional traumas are stored. We do so because we want to hide the trauma from other people and ourselves. It is a body’s defence mechanism. Obese males have a pattern of obesity – “male pattern obesity”, in which they accumulate fat over the abdomen.


My thought are –
Males can not handle the trauma of separation from the mother, and they store that trauma in umbilicus hence they accumulate fat around the abdomen. Males most often have suppressed their loving caring feminine part. They are unable to overcome the cord-cutting trauma because, they are unable to connect to their “inner mother” – the internal maternal energy, which is very much feminine. Females on the other hand, should be able to connect to their inner maternal energy. And do not typically show the “male pattern obesity”.

However, these days where women are increasingly taking up masculine roles and suppressing the female energy in them, it is not uncommon to see male pattern obesity in females.

The conclusion is if you want to get rid of the belly fat, you need to connect to your inner mother. Love yourself like a mother does, allows others to love you. 🙂

Why do I judge?


Half of my life is spent in labeling and judging people and things around me. Good, bad, ugly, good for health, bad for health, cruel, loving so on and so forth.

When I label something as good, what I really mean is it is better as compared to me, or good to me. So it is always relative to me. In short I am not evaluating the other, I am trying to evaluate myself on taking the other as a standard.

And why do I need to evaluate myself. Because I need to prove to myself (or my ego) that I am good enough. And that’s because I do not believe so. So this moment on, I choose to believe “I am good enough” As I do that, this compulsive need for labeling & judging is gone. I open myself to receiving and giving unconditional love to all there is.

I blame my labeling on inherent duality of life. I say there is no flow of energy if there aren’t two poles and hence I need to have +ve vs. -ve. This flow, the creations that it brings are proof for me that I exist, I do, I am capable, I am good enough.

I need this proof because I believe not that I am already perfect. There is no proving. No doing. Only being and experiencing. The whole purpose of duality is to teach us transcend to it and go back to our true nature – unity, love, being, present.

Light – a new meaning

A powerful light shines in the dark.
Spark in the dark

There is no universal good vs. evil. It is defined by each person. The parts of myself that I do not like (because of any reason, social conditioning, my thinking etc.) are classified by me as bad/evil. And the parts I don’t like are thus suppressed. Just as children and cats believe by closing their eyes they are invisible. I might believe that those parts have disappeared as I can’t see them any longer. It is just that they are not chosen by me for the limelight.

These form what Carl Jung calls’ the shadow’.It is also seen as dark side. It is dark side in two senses.

First, as I have labeled the parts of me that I don’t like as evil, the shadow is automatically evil (and hence dark) by my definition.

Secondly, it is not seen, not in the limelight, this part lies in the dark – not to be seen until we reach out and flash some light onto it. I am unaware of it.

When healers and channels talk about light they are actually talking about bringing your own hidden aspects to light or awareness. Thus Conscious Awareness is the light. And anything that is in hidden from our awareness is the dark.

– Balkrishna

Paradoxically, the moment we flash a light, we come to awareness that it has been there for long. Since we are aware of it, and it is in light- it no longer is our shadow, it becomes our light.

In order to restore the wholeness of our being, our endeavors should be to accept all parts of us. Let go of judgement. Shine the light of awareness. When we become more aware, our sub-conscious pattern, come to the conscious mind. And that is when they come in light to be accepted.

The next step is to accept them as they are. That is – Love.

The term “love and light” makes perfect sense now. 🙂

How to identify your unique role, use intent appropriately for manifestation and liberation

We all have a role and the role is specific. The game of life begins with us discovering that role. The universe plays this game with us so well, does not tell us straight away, but leaves plenty of clues. Its like playing a treasure hunt. Sometimes the clues take u nearer, sometimes farther.

How does one pick clues to identify ones role? These clues are simple, they are powerful but they need to be deciphered correctly. The first and the biggest clue from where it all starts is this absolutely fantastic, superb, mind blowing emotion of love. The game starts with love. What is that you simply love? One of the ways to understand love is to let the mind free. Close your eyes and identify. what is that you love? If it doesn’t exist in your world, then imagine what would you love?

Imagination is the most powerful cosmic tool for evolution and discovery. So drop all your barriers, every layer of conditioning that is keeping you stuck in your box. Let your mind fly free and imagine, what is that you love? When to your imagination you will add this very powerful emotion of love it creates this heavy cocktail called passion. With the intellect when one develops the courage to follow one’s passion it becomes a source of inspiration. With inspiration there would be a purpose to life.

So the biggest clue is to get in touch with what you love, discover that and follow it to the “Tee” and the universe will conspire to give you the route to fulfill the inspiration. An easy way of understanding if you are on track, if you are playing your role in life or not is a very simple two step process:

Step 1: Do you love what you are doing?
Step 2: Is the universe making the process effortless for you?

If you are playing the role you are supposed to play the Universe will keep approving every single take of yours as an actor .

Broadly, from my observations, if that would help you identify your role, one incarnates for one of the following seven different reasons:
1. Spiritual – influencing destiny of millions – e.g. Gandhi, Mother Theresa
2. Mental – curious souls – need for find answers for why, all scientists
3. Vocational – career – artists, painters, corporate . experience success
4. Financial – love money – love to feel, touch, experience .
5. Familial – through relationship – house wives who just love supporting and find joy in taking care of others
6. Social – networking, making friends .
7. Physical – people who love their body – actors .

A simple clue would be, close your eyes, check out the happiest moments of your life, those moments where if time stopped and if the universe told you pack your bags, its time to go..
you would have absolutely no regret to leave this world.
Has there been any moment in your life where you would be very happy departing from this planet having lived a moment of completion? That is your clue on the unique role the universe has for you.

So far about love, now let us talk about movement. So in our lives we have love and we have movement. Wherever we have movement, there is a flow . we are moving from yesterday to today and then tomorrow. we are always on the move.We are always on the move, as we want happiness, because we are unhappy, we want peace because we are ruffled, we want abundance because we feel poor and we want love because we feel we are unloved

So our entire journey of life is like a pendulum. We are constantly moving. From completion to incompletion. The huge truth about us is that we are constantly moving between a void, which gives us an impetus to seek a route, which would make us complete. We are moving always to complete the void with this nowadays-fancy term “manifestation”.What are we doing practically? We are looking at the void and we are starting with our intent that we do not have this .. so let us get it.. which means when the intent is looking at the void the cycle of manifestation starts there. So the only thing one lands up is manifesting a bigger void.

Change this mindset now, go back to your intent and start experiencing a feeling of being complete. That feeling of being complete will only come when one discovers what is that they love, because when one is operating out of love, then one isn’t looking for anything in return, if there isn’t anything expected in return, there is nothing anybody can take away from you, nothing to be lost as you would be operating in total and complete abundance. So whenever you do anything you love, you are operating from a position of abundance in it and when you operate with abundance the feeling is complete.

When the feeling is complete, that becomes like a magic mindset mirror, which transforms your mind, attitude, and you start operating from a premise of being complete in one area that creates ripple effects. Since humans are magnets, that completion rubs off into all the other areas of life and slowly one experiences completion in all areas of life. Many of us keep wishing, wishing that some mythical, magical power that would grant every wish . The universe in its abundant wisdom has given us a powerful tool called the mind which is what we could use for manifestation. That is what all the new age self help books speak about, which is creative visualization, laws of attraction, the secret, all of them focus on manifestation through ones mind, through love, through passion.

Where there is manifestation, there is an equal and opposite force “liberation”.( after all, our world sustains on duality!) It is when your game of manifestation is complete that at an opportune moment the universe will step in and will liberate you from whatever it is that is keeping you stuck .Friends, focus at this moment on one single thought.

Discover what is that you love, embrace it completely, it will give you a feeling of completion, that will rub off into every area of life which is not working at the moment . when this happens, you have your Oscar !!!

Note: This post was shared by Gautam Mahanti via email. He can be contacted here.