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Was going through a lot of turbulence in life when I was suggested to go to Dr.Balkrishna by a colleague. I remember I was totally confused, hurt, lost and totally disconnected from all. Could not even sleep peacefully. After just two sessions with him, there is a tremendous positive change in me. He is the most fantastic person and hope he will be my guide forever. Thanks to him, I now sleep peacefully. I have started knowing the most difficult being, that is me 🙂 .
Positive, calm personality, backed by wisdom is just few of the qualities he possesses. Such a gifted person, yet so humble and friendly, which appears to me as a rare combination.
His hypnosis sessions are truly amazing and beneficial. For the lost souls finding for a purpose, I highly recommend him.
Through his sessions, I am still planning to learn a lot from him.
Am really grateful to him and as time goes by I pray that I may be of some use to him.
Thank you Bala.

Nazaneen Bhansali   

I met Dr. Korgaonkar last year when I requested him for an appointment of hypnotic session. I was very impressed by his gentle nature. He heard my problems patiently and gave me hypnotic treatment for 6-7 sessions. These sessions changed my life totally. I have found myself to be new person with good confidence level and positive attitude.
I am sincerely thankful to Dr. Korgaonkar for the treatment and my new life experience.



I am 20. I underwent hypnosis therapy by Dr. Balkrushna korgaonkar.He was very good at it . It was a deep and fascinating experience. There was a part where I had to imagine a room where i m the most powerful entity and i could create anything or do anything...that was wonderful. I also dealt with some emotional and mental blocks .After the session i was happy and relaxed.My belief in hypnosis only strenghthened.

Hrishikesh Waikar   

About a little more than a year, I experienced a breakdown and that is when I visited Dr Balkrishna. Dr Balkrishna very patiently and non judgmentally heard me. Through hypnotherapy he helped me trace the root of my issues. Since then my outlook towards life has brighten up. Dr Balkrishna, throughout my difficult moments, supported and guided me. Those meditation techniques that he taught are very helpful. I vouch for Dr Balkrishna and Greenheart Healing.


I met Balkrishna for the first time at our Hypnotherapy class. We were partners in a practise round. Though i was apprehensive about the issues (which i choose to keep confidential) we were dealing with, Balkrishna handled the entire session so calmly and confidently. Any body else in his place would have probably faltered or backed off. But Balkrishna was with me throughout and helped me , through hypnosis, to release all the unwanted negative energies that were adversely affecting my life.
That healing session has practically changed my life. A lot of hurdles in my life moved out of my life thus making way for more fulfilling and wholesome experiences thereon and thereafter. I gained more clarity on certain issues and have been able to break through all the barriers in my life. Life is good and it feels great to move on. I will always remember and be thankful to Balkrishna for his support.
He is a very good Hypnotherapist and am sure he will be helping more people in future with their personal and other problems through his practice. May God bless him and give him all the happiness he deserves.


When I came here, I was quite disturbed, experiencing episodes of extreme social anxiety. I went through one session of EET which took me the to root of my problems and tackled them. During the session I had to go through many of my past experiences which again but only to surface from the trauma of each. I now find the strength to rationally handle my own mind most of the time. My personality is more confident and I am attracting good people and situations because my thoughts are more positive. But old habits die hard and when I find myself stuck in an old thought pattern, I practice work on it using simple self healing methods which Balkrishna introduced me to.

Mansi Ghuwalewala   

Rated : ****
Like most of the people commenting, it was my first stint with Tarot reading and i took around 6 months to comment on the results 🙂 . Well, must say it was indeed astute and insightful and now can relate to most of the things mentioned by him. Want to thank him for his patience and thoughfulness 🙂 Would certainly a session with him..

Neha Ambardar   

Rated : ***
This was my first experience with Tarot card reading. Dr. Balkrishna made the process very easy and smooth with clear instructions and handling of the entire process. His interpretation of the cards was also very insightful. His suggestions to address our questions were also very beneficial! Would certainly recommend a session or two with him.

Girish Korde   

Rated- ****
Tarot Reading was a first time experience of my life, but i was amazed to find that i was getting a right card for all my questions, had a nice experience, and Dr. Balkrishna also gave me some tips on how to forgive people, things are getting better in my life, thanks Doc for your suggestions. :­)

Ashwini Patel   

I met Balkrishna almost 2 yrs back in hypnotherapy class. We were partner for few of the sessions...but later I met him as a hypnotherapist... He is so calm n quiet... Listen to our issues very patiently... And reach to a solution very quickly... Helped me to look at my issue in a different way... Showed me the things which I already knew... But with a different aspect of that... He only introduced me to Reiki... Thanks a lot for everything you did for me Balkrishna... Thank you very much...


After a waiting of three years, it was definitely a precious pregnancy for me. At the initial stage I was happy but as the second trimester completed, I became nervous n anxious about the exact birth process.

One of the friends of mine suggested me hypnotherapy for the better birth experience. So I met Balkrishna for that and attended two sessions in which I experienced positive energy and realised healing power within me. He gave me the positive visualisation of the process of child birth as a natural, joyous and energying one, which is the part of divine creativity. Those sessions made my mind and body relaxed.
I got the session as a recording which he asked me to listen every night. It helped me a lot to face the whole process with great enthusiasm. That recording empowered me and awakened my inner strength. It was so strong that I was eagerly waiting my due date.
As my due date passed, Dr announced me as post dated and advised for Ceasarian section. But I had prepared for natural birth and I was very firm. On that moment I took second opinion and admitted to another hospital where I had to be induced due to not having any sign of contractions. As the contractions started, with every contraction I could face the process with positive energy. I was so calm and relax. The whole process I know wouldn't be pain free but my inner strength made it possible to manage the pain and made it easily bearable for me.
I had really the best birth experience. Not only that, but I got a positive view towards life also from those sessions. I am really thankful to Balkrishna for helping me to have a positive birth experience.

Prof. Asha Pandagale   

What do you say about someone who is perhaps the most extraordinary person you will ever meet in your life. Balkrishna Sir is that person. I have known him for about 6-7 month a professional basis. Little about personal level.

On a personal level, he is a person with amazing warmth, humor, friendship and empathy. Very humble person.. The most thing I like into him that he is very sensible person.. He good listener and try to understand others situation ...

On a professional level( Reiki) I have seen him support and understand your feeling and try to sort out that from Reiki, Counselling etc. On all levels, he never disappoints, always exceeding one’s expectations.

“Balkrishna is a uniquely-gifted, very-intelligent, compassionate individual. He has helped me ... Because of Balkrishna, I learnt Reiki recovered from my frustrations and mental disturbance and illnesses. I am eternally grateful for his guidance and friendship

Balkrishna is a ‘One of a Kind’ Master of many Healing disciplines. The highest title I know or recognize is ‘Friend’ and I consider him as a friend.

Balkrishna is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help. He possesses knowledge and experience that few people have which permits him to work on many different levels to awaken and help the human race.

Balkrishna Sir is a gentle person, with a great thirst for knowledge. He is one of the coolest person I know with a wonderful light soaring spirit. I look forward to working with him and get knowledge from him.

Pradeep Mishra   

Rated: ****
Good first experience, quite insightful in terms of BK‘s interpretation on the cards.Would like to go through again. Few advices and suggestions were quite helpful ­ working on it as far as possible. Thanks BK!!!

Sagar Pawar   

I met Dr. Balakrishna at a time when I was trying to find the reason / cause and solution to a very intimate problem I had been going through for last 10 years. I was having very low self esteem and was disappointed with myself. I was little apprehensive about discussing the issue with a total stranger yet I wanted to give it a try. He made me comfortable right from our first session. He is amazing at explaining the whole process of hypnotheraphy and was patiently clearing all my queries before we started the session. When I came out of our first session, I was feeling rejunevated and mysteriously blissful and happy.

By the second session, I was so comfortable that I discussed my issue thread bare and I felt happy that he was non judgemental about the whole issue. He has a amazing way of analysing a issue and dissecting the issue into smaller points to bring out the finer points of the problem. He beautifully and gently takes you into the therapy session and helps you to see your problem clearly and objectively. I was able to find solution to my problem in 4 sessions. As a therapist, he is very soft spoken, dedicated in his field and goes out of his way to ensure that we get solutions to our problem.

So much so that I went ahead and did one workshop with him which has helped me immensely in my day to day life. I have recommended him to my friend who is amazed at his therapies as I am. Any day, I would recommend Dr. Balakrishna for hypnotheraphy.


I underwent 4 sessions consisting of hypnotherapy,EET and counseling by Dr Balkrishna Korgaonkar. I found him really outstanding as a person. He is very sincere and dedicated towards his therapy.He helps others to get over their problems by deeply analysing the root cause of it and provides unconditional support. He believes that every individual is different and so is quite flexible and situational in his approach. May god bless him and he achieves all the happiness and success in his life.My experience with him has been great.I am grateful to him for all his time and dedication.


Rated- *****

I have consulted Dr Balkrishna more than once, and I must say he is a gifted person. He was very objective in his interpretation, and clearly put things in perspective for me. A five star rating from me!

Dinesh Rijhwani   

When I was pregnant, I was very worried about the pain that I would have to endure as I had taken the decision of going for normal delivery. Reason being that it was my first time, and I had never experienced labour pain before. I was very tensed about the complete situation.
Then through one reference I met Dr. Balkrishna, he gave me some insights about how that experience could be easily managed through hypnotherapy. It made sense and thus I decided to undergo hypnotherapy sessions with him.
After these sessions I can definitely say that my fear of the entire process was reduced a lot! I was in labour pain for around 15 hours. But I tried implementing the tips & tricks given by Dr. Balkrishna. And I do think that it made my delivery and labour pain very much bearable. One of the things that helped me was that I was able to remain pretty clam at the time of delivery despite the pain, it certainly helped in a safe and normal delivery.
I was very happy after seeing my sweet little angel. Many thanks to Dr. Balkrishna Korgaonkar for helping me to enjoy this "experience of a lifetime" and sharing tips that made it much easier than what I was fearing. I would surely recommend these sessions to expecting women - especially who are planning a natural delivery. I wish him all the best.

Dipti Korde   

Rated: ****
Tarot reading with Balkrishna has been fun. He is calm & listens to the issues one would want resolution to, based on which the reading is done. His temperament and attitude make it worthwhile to take a reading!


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