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"She is the best healer and one of the most compassionate human beings i have ever come across! Meeting her has been life changing for me! She has introduced me to a deeper level of understanding of reiki and healing practices, and life has never been the same for me, since then. Blessed to have met and known her! Wishing her all the best on her noble journey as a healer!! Love n Light :-)"

Priyanka Tiwari   

"I have availed Himani’s ‘past-life regression’ technique on a trial basis. My curiosity in this technique was piqued mainly due to the fact that the concept of 'past lives' or ‘rebirth’ stands at odds with my personal beliefs. So basically, it was mainly to challenge this notion of ‘past lives’ that I asked Himani to apply this technique on me. Himani led me into a deep hypnotic state and then induced my mind into transcending a whole different realm. I remember hurtling down a tunnel of colors, and the next thing I know was that my mind was painting vivid memories and imagery from (quite possibly) a life lived in a previous era (around 1300 AD). I say ‘quite possible’ as I know for sure that I just don’t possess any in-depth knowledge of history for my mind to dwell on very intrinsic details from olden times. And based upon those recollections, I did gain an understanding of some of the issues that have afflicted me in this lifetime. The important thing to remember while undergoing this kind of therapy is that, while one may regard the vivid imagery as memories from a previous birth or simply fantasies prompted via hypnosis, in either case, the experience does help in overcoming certain emotional issues or disorders. As a practitioner, Himani's skill is simply excellent. As a die-hard skeptic of ‘rebirth’, I was told that it would simply be impossible for anyone to conduct past life regressions on me. But in a single session, through her sugary-sweet voice, Himani was successful in making possible the impossible. I do look forward to my next session with her. "

P. C.   

"Hello, I am happy to see Himani taking clinical hypnotherapy to USA. Supervising her work during her training I was happy to note a high level of maturity in conducting sessions on her training partners. Along with her research bent if mind, I have no doubt whatsoever to recommend her as a sincere, honest & most importantly a sensitive humane healer- therapist. Spread your love & light to enlighten anyone in your space. Fond regards, Yogesh"

Dr Yogesh R Vasandi   

"I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Himani. To give a little background, I was an atheist for 25 years of my life. I was interested in hypnosis as a therapy, understanding how mind works and wanted to experience what is Hypnosis. With that purpose I had two sessions with her. I had a wonderful relaxing experience with Himani's sessions. After the first session I also had an inner realization that there is some power beyond we can see from my scientific understanding. This was 'the breakthrough' for me. 3 years later, lot of healing has happened with me. I am a believer now and have learnt many healing modalities myself (most of these modalities she introduced me to). I am experiencing abundance on all levels. I am very glad and thankful to Himani for those two sessions and all wonderful experiences afterwards."

Dr Balkrishna Korgaonkar   

"Himani has assisted me during two hypnotherapy sessions to help me gain focus in work tasks and creative pursuits. She is a gifted practitioner and most empathic healer. She is patient, kind, thoughtful, and wise. I am grateful for the insights she has helped me gain and the tools she has begun to teach me to use to achieve my behavioral and spiritual goals. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future. "


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