What about Reiki is here?

For what, is it useful?

Anything can be taken care of with Reiki. It can be used for

  • Physical health issues, both acute and chronic
  • Mental, emotional issues
  • Healing relationships, family issues
  • Restful sleep
  • Financial Abundance
  • Reducing pain in end-stage patients
  • Releasing thought patterns
  • Releasing habits
  • Energy blocks
  • Past life charges
  • Foreign energies
  • Goal accomplishments
  • Intention- Manifestation
  • Even animals, pets, electronics, inanimate objects have been worked upon
  • And every other thing

What is it?

The word Reiki means, universal life force energy. Reiki is one of the many ways of energy healing. Yet, it has a special place in our hearts and practice because of its simplicity. Now-a-days there are so many variants of Reiki. Everyone who practices some other healing modality creates a mix with Reiki. Most commonly affirmations and crystal healing is combined with Reiki.

Reiki is an healing art which was founded in Japan by Mikao Usui. It is believed that it’s origin can be traced back to India/ Tibet, as Mikao Usui studied ancient texts before establishing Reiki tradition.It has a strong teacher-disciple tradition. Reiki is taught at three levels. Learning each level involves a process of Initiation by a Master, known as an Attunement. This is a mystical process done with sacred symbol and opens some of the receiver’s chakras. Each level is said to be complete when the channel practices on self for 21 days (the healing/cleansing cycle).

Level 1 of Reiki is the level where the channel learns to use the power of intent and hands directly placed on client’s body to channelize Reiki. Reiki Channel at level one has to be physically present near the client. He can also give Reiki to hand-written intentions for manifestation

Level 2 of Reiki is where the channel learns and experiences that “There is nothing such as time and space at the universal energy level. Everything is happening here and now” She can now do absent healing – meaning healing can be done for people who are situated anywhere in the world, without the channel being present there. Also past, future and present can be healed with it.

Level 3 is often divided into two 3A – the Attunement to Master level and 3B – the teacher’s training. This level is said to raise the channel’s energy level 10 times as that of level 1.

How does it work?

Reiki works on the belief that everything in this world is made up of same energy – the universal life force energy (similar to all other energy healing methods). Any disturbance, illness or issues are caused by lack of freely flowing energy. Thus channelling energy can solve any issue.

Reiki as a way of life?

Mikao Usui gave five simple principles for his disciples

  1. Just for today I shall not worry
  2. Just for today I shall not anger
  3. Just for today I shall be grateful
  4. Just for today I shall do my work honestly
  5. Just for today I shall love and respect all living things

Reiki is a self-healing method, used for meditation and enlightenment.

Typical session we provide

We provide Reiki sessions for any and every purpose mentioned above.

  • Duration: 15 Min to 1.5 hrs depending on the severity of sypmtoms. More often it is 1.5 Hrs full body Reiki (all 26 points)
  • Length of treatment: 21 days (more or less depending on the condition
  • Absent Healing is also provided. Timing can be co-ordinated on phone.
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Can I learn it myself?

Yes, you can learn it. Typical level 1 is a two day course. Level 2 a three day course and Level 3 a one day course. There are various formats available. All are equally fine. For finding a master, you can search on internet for Reiki masters in your city or outside.

Here is a list of questions that one should ask before choosing a Master We strongly recommend that keep an intention that you have met your perfect Master and ask Reiki to guide you. You will receive guidance or a perfect master for you will appear.

Any prerequisites?

An open mind. Generally certain amount of practice/ gap in days will be required before doing next level of Reiki


  • Does a Reiki channel create energy?

No, she does not create energy. She just directs energy with the power of Intent. It is free universal energy that is abundant in supply. It does not deplete anyone/anything. It is this energy that heals, not the Reiki channel.

  • Does she attract any of my disease or energy blocks?

No, as long as her intent is clear, she does not. This problem can occur when Reiki channels start identifying themselves to be the healer.

  • Can Reiki worsen my condition?

Yes, temporarily. This is known as an ‘healing crisis’, wherein the body starts releasing the toxins. Typical response that is needed in this situation is drinking more water, increasing the duration of therapy.

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